Mayvin Global  

Mayvin means "trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass timely and relevant knowledge onto others"

Mayvin Global makes opportunities where others find corners.

Headed by a savvy, commercially-minded leader, Mayvin Global specialises in unpacking and reframing issues to deliver commercial and revenue generation solutions in tourism, business events, government agencies and the arts.

As a creative thinker and avid storyteller, Deanna Varga can quickly articulate the change that needs to occur in a business environment and then build a plan to set the change into motion to achieve demonstrated results.

Deanna believes we are global consumers and as such we need to look externally to ourselves, our industry and even our country for solutions and new ideas.

She'll ask tough questions, and isn't scared to stand her ground for what she believes is the right path to follow. And in sales, she believes that no doesn't mean no, it simply means you haven't yet asked the right question.

The team love working alongside authentic people who want to make an impact both socially and financially and believe that honesty should be at the centre of how we work for it is the best way to make changes for greater outcomes.

If you lack a sales strategy, need a revenue boost, have structures that just aren't working or processes and people that need to be revitalised, then you need Mayvin Global.

If you want to work with someone to deliver on promises, spend time to get under the surface to find the real issues and find innovative solutions that deliver on ROI then you need Mayvin Global.

With Mayvin Global, you can get creative revenue generation inside your organisation.

Mayvin Global: Expert thinking. Trustworthy experience. Strong connections. Demonstrated Results.

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