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    Who is behind the business?

    Mayvin Global's founder is Deanna Varga Operating in the business events, tourism and cultural sectors for over 20 years, Deanna works with each client to fulfil their objectives. She specialises in commercialisation, revenue generation and creative business solutions.

    Deanna has brought some specialists in to help. Professionals in the business events and museum sectors including Suzanna Rickard , Virginia Loyola and Dr Lynda Kelly of LyndaKellyNetworks.


    What work tickles our fancy?

    Mayvin Global's philosophy is to work alongside authentic people who want to make an impact both socially and financially, and believe that honesty should be at the centre of how we work. It is the best way to make changes for greater outcomes particularly in our ever-changing communities.

    A big part of Mayvin Global is our three-year-old mascot, Ruckus. Helping with office visits  and giving a big lick of approval to the brand. He is always happy to come along to meetings, especially if there are treats (Pictured)